My rants and raves

So the last time I talked to AT&T was on 01/04/12 about my BBB claim.
I didn’t agree with their position and I got tired of the robot style
answers so I requested an escalation.
The escalation came through today (01/13/12) from a lady named Kathy in the
Executive Response Team/Office.
She provided her phone number and email address but I’m not going to be a
jerk, I won’t publish that info.
I’m not confident that she is actually responding to my escalation request.
I submitted a response to AT&T’s position on the BBB claim and I believe
she’s actually responding to that reply.
I’m not longer disappointed with AT&T and the manner in which customer’s
concerns are handled since this has become the norm with them.
I’m curious how much higher up the ranks I can get to?
At this point my goal is to reach Randall Stephenson (CEO).
I would like to relay my grievances to him directly. Feel free to contact
me Mr. Stephenson.
Twitter handle: @honda_fanboy

Here’s an interesting article I came across:
It talks about calling the executive offices of AT&T and how they are
redirected to their legal offices.
What are you trying to hide? Why don’t the executives want to talk to their
I’m helping to pay your salary so I think it’s only right for you to
acknowledge my complaints.



So after multiple contacts with AT&T I’m left even more upset.
I guess AT&T believes they’ve gotten so large that they don’t care about
the people who have supported them over the years.
I’m appalled with the lack of professionalism from the customer service
reps at AT&T. And unfortunately the managers there are no better. I’ve left
multiple messages for managers requesting a call back to express my
dissatisfaction with the attitude of the reps. Guess what? They don’t call
you back.
I work for a large corporation and if a customer contacts us, we respond.
#custserv #fail #ATTcomplaint #FF

My complaints:
-horrible voice and data coverage at my residence
-slow data speeds
-data speed throttling
-lack of professionalism

I initially contacted AT&T for a text message blast I got from them tell me
I need to limit my data usage otherwise they will cut my speed.
A phone call to the customer service line was a horrible experience. It was
like talking to a wall.
They’ve advised me that I am using the data excessively so they will
throttle my speeds so everyone else on the network can use the data as
I AM ON A UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. How I can be using it escessively? Unlimited
means there is no limit?
The fact that the network cannot keep up with the demand for data usage is
not my concern. I signed up for the unlimited date plan because I
primarialy use data…internet, email, text, IM.
The reps that you speak to are either condescending, mean, GHETTO, or just

Since I was unhappy with the service from AT&T I asked them to waive my ETF
so I can leave and obtain service from another provider. I’m sure another
company would love to have my business. AT&T wouldn’t budge on their

I’ve filed a BBB complaint and they again responded with the same thing. At
the very least the response came from their Executive Office response team.
Again requested a manager call me back…still waiting…tick tock tick

After multiple contacts with them I’m left feeling helpless and just plain
I have about 10 months left on my contract with AT&T. I refuse to pay them
to cancel my service so I’m gonna spread the word about the experience I
had with them until my contract ends.

I wonder if it’s financially sound for AT&T to allow me to complain and
spread my horrible experience? Social Media is a wonderful thing. You
would think it’s cheaper for them to let me out of my contract, right? I

I wonder if there are other avenues I could explore at the same time…

AT&T letter

High Data Usage Alert


Like other wireless companies, AT&T is taking steps to manage
exploding demand for mobile data. We’re responding on many
levels, including investing billions in our wireless network
this year and working to acquire more network capacity.

As mentioned on a previous bill, we’re also taking additional,
more immediate steps to help address network congestion and
improve reliability. One of these steps involves a change for
some customers who use extraordinarily large amounts of data
in a single billing period - about 12 times more data than the
average smartphone user.

For the current billing cycle, your data usage indicates you
could be affected by this change. Here’s how it works:

Smartphone customers with unlimited data plans may experience
reduced speeds once their usage in a billing cycle reaches the
level that puts them among the top 5 percent of heaviest data
users. These customers can still use unlimited data and their
speeds will be restored with the start of the next billing

We’re writing because you are in the top 5 percent of heaviest
data users for this billing cycle. Because we recognize that
data usage can change from month to month, you will not see
reduced speeds this billing cycle.

Beginning with your next billing cycle, we’ll send you a text
message if you are approaching the top 5 percent of heaviest
data users. We’ll also send you a second text message if you
cross into the top 5 percent of heaviest users, at which point
you may see reduced speeds for the rest of the month.

Customers have several ways to manage extremely high data

Wi-Fi offers great speeds and doesn’t add to your wireless
data usage. Consider using Wi-Fi when possible for
applications that use the highest amounts of data, such as
streaming video apps, remote web camera apps, large data-file
transfers (like video) and some online gaming.

You may also consider switching to a tiered data plan if speed
is more important to you than having an unlimited data plan.
Customers on tiered plans can pay for more data if they need
it, and will not see reduced speeds.

To estimate how much data different activities use, and find
out more about Wi-Fi or tiered data plans, visit or call Customer Care at

It’s amazing how your life changes overnight and your priorities get flipped upside down as well. That’s the greatest thing about life. But it’s ok…you just have to keep truckin on.

Sony playstation network

Alright Sony, it’s been nearly a month that you’ve taken your #PSN down and there is no end in sight. I can’t really be mad because you don’t charge for online play but enough is enough. You’re turning me into an #XBOX customer now. We don’t even know what actually happened. There are so many stories floating around who knows what to believe. All I know is, if you were hacked and people’s information was compromised YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING RIGHT AWAY!!!

fail #custserv

At the present moment there is no end in sight, you keep setting ETA’s but keep extending them. Step up or step down.

BTW- I read about you teaming with Paypal to track IP addresses of people who read articles posted by some hacker group related to your weak infrastructure…one word: SHADY!

Bin Laden

So they say they got him. Could this be true or is he chillin with Elvis and 2Pac. Who even knows. I’m just saying.

Bring our troops home!

UEFA champions league game - Barcelona VS Real Madrid

What a disgrace!!! There was so much shameful acting I thought it was a soap opera.

Dani Alves, you’re a pitiful excuse for a professional player. You don’t deserve to be on the pitch and wear that uniform. There was ZERO contact and you made it seem like someone had chopped your leg off with an axe. #danialves #barcelona #fcbarcelona If I were you I would hang my head down in shame. This is embarrassing. #fail #Rioferdinand said it best with his Twitter comments.

And he wasn’t the only one. Pedro, #DavidVilla, and Sergio #Busquets . Do you need more conditioning on your legs, it seemed like you couldn’t stand up on your feet properly. I guess when you’re unable to break down a team with your tiki-taka play, this is what you’re thought to do. Great job Pep, you gave them a great game plan. The entire Barcelona team should be embarrassed. Pinto, you can join the ranks of an amateur player for your lack of professionalism.

These are professional athletes, getting paid millions to play a game. Is this what the game is turning into…a drama filled “i-can-dive-better-than-you” game.

I hope UEFA hands down major bans on all of these players. Make an example of them. This is supposed to be the highest level of the game. #uefa

I don’t agree with everything #Mourinho said after the game but he had some very valid points.

You don’t deserve to be champions! Apologize for your actions. Why haven’t Alves, Pedro, Villa, or Busquets said anything about their antics? #Guardiola …you’re not addressing the actions of your players either. Is there a reason for it? I’ve seen other managers acknowledge the dives of their players and say they don’t condone it, by you not publicly putting your players on the hot seat, I believe you instructed them to play in that fashion.

Now you have a giant bullseye on your backs. Enjoy it.

Old jokes

Why do people insist on keeping an old joke going? It’s not funny anymore. Get over it and grow up. Next topic please.

High school student

Read an article about a student that decided he was going to stab a fellow student, punch his teacher and try to set the classroom on fire. I would like to know what was going through his head. Get a grip on life…not the serrated blade you used to stab a girl in the neck.

Morning prep

Looking in the mirror this morning put a sour taste in my mouth. I couldn’t shave my head cuz of a giant scab. I regret switching from my Mach3 razor.